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    Chaoyang casting to teach you the principles and requirements of casting steel molding process
    作者:  來源: http://www.nnmmaa.com/gsdt/n617.html   發布時間:2014-12-20

    Bao chao foundry specializing in coated sand casting, resin coated sand casting parts, cast steel factory of precoated sand, machinery casting parts, precision casting, precision casting, hammer hammer solid drill bit, cross bit, cross centrifuge tube production and sales, chaoyang teach you steel casting molding process principles and requirements.

    Steel molding process principle: high quality requirements of surface or main processing surface should be on the following; Large plane should be placed on the following; Thin wall part should be placed on the following; Most thick should be on top; Should try to reduce the number of cores; Try to use flat parting surface.

    Steel molding process requirements: wood pattern: requirements outline is complete, without crack, without damage, the imperfect, smooth surface, conform to the requirements of the casting drawings, size and size check regularly. Sand box: the size of the sand box shall be fixed according to block model specification, large, medium sand box should be welded box.